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Green Demolition: Your Questions Answered

Environmental awareness is something that is on the mind of many industries, including the demolition industry. Each year, millions of tons of construction waste is generated through residential and commercial demolition projects, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

green demolition

What is Green Demolition?

Green demolition is the process of recycling as many of the demolished materials in a project as possible. The reuse of certain products prevents demolition waste from being sent to landfills and polluting the Earth’s land and water.

Is Green Demolition Expensive?

Recycling is an expensive process, but Wreckhouse Demolition is proud to take part in green demolition and plan out the requirements of a job in order to not throw out much excess.

Green demolition costs around 10-20 percent more per job than through a traditional demolition, but commercial and residential demolition companies can save on landfill charges as well as receive tax credits through the donation of recycled materials. Although the practice of green demolition can add cost and time to a project’s schedule, the process can yield savings at the end of the job. This is especially true in the case of a refurbishment where the actual materials deconstructed can be reused for the same job.

green demolition explained

What Materials can be Reused Through Green Demolition?

If the proper measures of green demolition are carried out, everything from pipes to flooring has the ability to be recycled and reused in future projects. According to environmental experts, up to 90 percent of a home can be reclaimed.

At Wreckhouse Demolition we understand the importance of the following materials being salvaged from our projects for later use through proper harvesting:

  • Wood floors and wood beams

  • Windows and doors

  • Fixtures

  • Tiles and carpeting

  • Aluminum siding

  • Roofing materials

  • Pipes

  • Bricks

What Is LEED Certified?

The way for Dallas customers to know if their demolition team is truly green is by finding out if their professionals are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. To earn LEED certification, a project must meet guidelines in areas that include lighting, energy efficiency, and construction quality. With regard to the benefit of working with a LEED certified company, LEED certified demolition companies can recycle clients’ concrete on-site.

Go Green with Wreckhouse Demolition

At Wreckhouse Demolition we are dedicated to reducing the waste of our projects through green demolition. Not only will we carry out your commercial or residential demolition projects with professionalism, but we will complete the job in the most environmentally efficient way possible.

If you are concerned with the environment as well as getting your demolition job done effectively, look no further than Wreckhouse Demolition to carry out your project with green demolition.

Wreckhouse Demolition offers our services in Dallas and other major Texas cities like Houston, Austin, San Antonio. We are experts in demolition services for commercial and residential sites. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable demolition services and how we can knock out your project details in a professional and green way.


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