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Land Clearing Services Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

How WreckHouse Demolition overcomes the 3 biggest problems you face with subcontractors. Familiar with over-commitment, under-performance and unreliability?

How many times have you been frustrated by unprofessional subs?

They over-commit their crew so they’re late to the job and cause delays. They under-perform the work so you don’t end up getting the level of quality you expect or that was promised to you. They don’t communicate with you, leave you hanging, and just plain don’t do what they say they’re going to do…they’re unreliable.

A key ingredient to a successful project is a dependable subcontractor. That’s what we’re all about. But don’t just take our word for it, read about our capabilities and see for yourself how we overcome the three biggest problems you face.


Our solution to over-commitment issues is through our crew. There are four keys to success in this area:

  • Train our crew members.

  • Maintain a large crew so various tasks can be done simultaneously.

  • Focus the crew on one job at a time to minimize distractions and maximize efficiency.

  • Keep a Foreman on the jobsite at all times.

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Image by Billy Freeman

North Texas Land Clearing Contractors

Whether you have a small lot of land or several hundred acres, you can count on our land clearing professionals for your property development needs.

Having worked in Dallas – Ft. Worth area for years, we are very familiar with our areas unique terrain and vegetation. WreckHouse Demolition provides a range of land clearing services, including:

We can coordinate with your insurance company for specific paperwork.

We’ll keep your worksite running on schedule and organized.

Coordinating with your other contractors for unified service.

Land Clearing Experience and Expertise

In this business, there’s a formula to delivering results and avoiding under-performance: experience + variety = expertise. Exposure to a large variety of field conditions is necessary to know first hand what skill and equipment is the most effective and efficient in getting the results clients demand.

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Over the years and countless projects, we’ve made a point to do just that. We’ve worked it all, from flat land to steep and undrivable sites. 

This effort has allowed us to identify the type of crew and equipment that is best suited to providing clearing services in our region. We’ve also seen improvements in equipment and understand how using newer equipment can be a benefit.

Image by Troy Bridges

Also, our experience tells us not to assume anything – we gather information from you up front about site conditions and your goals for the project to help us understand the scope of your job. We always look at the property ahead of time so no incorrect assumptions are made. And, we discuss possible limitations or unforeseen conditions so as to avoid surprises.

Training and Safety

While many crew members have experience when we hire them, we can’t afford to make the assumption that they are trained to our standards. All crew members are trained on specific tasks and equipment by the Foreman, who is a 19-year veteran in the business. Training is hands-on, in-the-trenches, monitored work.

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Skills are trained in progression from the simplest categories to the most challenging. Only when a crew member has mastered one level may he proceed to the next.

 We focus on professionalism and safety practices, in addition to training our crew on skill and equipment.

One way we monitor the crew’s performance in this area is by requesting client feedback on subjects like being on time, courteous attitude and clean-up effort. We use this input for continued training and improvement. As for safety, crew members are required to wear hard hats, a face mask and earplugs or muffs for protection from equipment and debris.

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Image by František G.
Image by Troy Bridges

Single Job Focus

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating than delays to your project that are caused by the work crew’s distraction from someone else’s project. We know you’ve got other subcontractors ready to start their work after ours is done, so we’re sensitive to your schedule. We avoid delays by focusing on one job at a time so all the skill, equipment, energy and attention is available to that job.

Most jobs demand several different skills and types of equipment, especially those with varied terrain. By having all crew members and equipment available to the job, we can tackle several tasks at once, leverage maximum efficiency and momentum, and keep outside distractions to a minimum. This strategy produces results faster than approaching the job one task at a time and keeps the work from dragging out.

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Please note: certain vegetation on your property may be considered “protected” by governmental agencies, so check with your local agency and obtain approvals needed for desired work.

Construction site

Foreman On-Site At All Times

Over time, we have experienced first hand why this is so important to success.


In the interest of quality and efficiency, the Foreman needs to be available to supervise all activities, answer questions of the crew and the client, assist with the work, continue the crew’s training process, and resolve any unforeseen challenges that could arise. In addition, the Foreman reviews the status of the work daily with the Owner, and by actually being there he’s able to give an accurate account of the progress. Whether or not the Client chooses to communicate with the Foreman or the Owner about the work, the project status will always be represented accurately.

Commercial property developers across the greater Dallas Ft. Worth area turn to WreckHouse Demolition for professional, reliable and quality land clearing services.

We have experience and expertise clearing a range of properties throughout the greater DFW area, and we have earned a reputation for swift, expert service. Our company provides a range of land clearing services.

Our site clearing services strive to stay within our customers’ budgets and deadlines, and to meet the unique requirements of each property. Our technicians work as a team, frequently communicating with each other and any other on-site contractors. You can rest easy when our teams are at work.

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Expert land clearing services for projects in the greater Dallas – Ft. Worth area and surrounding cities!

We can be reached by phone at (469)595-9691, via e-mail at, or by completing the contact form.

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