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Green Demolition in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

At WreckHouse Demolition we care about sustainable building and demolition. Our goal for each job is to try to recycle as many materials from a job as possible. We are one of the few demolition companies that are taking the steps towards the regular practice of green demolition.

WreckHouse Demolition Practices the Green Way

Our eco-friendly service comes at no extra cost to our clients and is included in their initial demolition service. Our green practices place us a hedge up over our competitors who are still contributing to the continuation of construction and demolition debris cluttering up landfills.

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What is Green Demolition?

When we say green demolition, we mean that our services include the demolition of a building in a process that allows us to recycle or reuse material for future projects. We can sometimes even recycle materials for the current project depending upon the situation. By promoting an eco-friendly process, we are preventing the stacks of debris that take over landfills and subsequently pollute our Earth’s resources.

According to a report from the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2014 alone, the United States produced immense amounts of construction and demolition debris alone. This included debris from materials like steel, wood, drywall, plaster, brick, clay, asphalt, and concrete.

Green demolition takes time and also costs about 10-20% more per job than traditional demolition. Although there is an initial cost above the average service, our clients know that we do not simply provide average services, but through our green demolition practices can save our clients money on landfill charges and also get them tax credits if they choose to donate some of the materials.

Image by Samuel Cruz

Let WreckHouse Demolition help you promote a better Earth with your next demolition project through our green demolition services.

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 Turn Your Project Green with WreckHouse Demolition

If you have a demolition project coming up and you want to make sure that the job is done in a sustainable and efficient manner, give WreckHouse Demolition a call today. Our contracting professionals are prepared to answer any questions you may have about our green demolition practices or other services that we may offer.

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