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Structural Building Demolition in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Utilizing heavy machinery and precise cutting techniques, we systematically dismantle the concrete and steel framework, ensuring the safe dismantling and removal of the structure.

Experienced select demolition contractor expert

If you want the structure to remain standing but the interior or partial structure needs to be removed, we are the contractor to call. We focus on commercial demolition and work with several of the key commercial builders in the industry, providing timely and cost-effective services.

Using our own team, we will clear your work site and haul away materials, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety and environmental stewardship.

Image by Stefan Lehner

Before the actual demolition can take place, these tasks need to be completed:

Securing relevant permits

Development of site-specific safety and work plans

Notification of adjoining properties

Secure site fencing

Disconnecting utilities and identifying remaining utilities

Asbestos and lead removal

Image by František G.
Image by Kevin Woblick

Extensive Experience

Our extensive experience with select demolition allows us to precisely remove unwanted selected space while preserving the structural integrity of the building. We make the demolition process quick and easy, with minimal impact to surrounding properties. We accomplish this using updated machinery and an experienced team of professionals. Of course, we also finish on time, and whenever we find any surprises in the walls, or expand our scope of work, we keep pushing hard to finish as fast as we can and let the new project begin.

We make the process of removing your structure quick and easy with minimal impact to the environment and surrounding properties.

Image by Sindy Süßengut

We are fully insured with a great safety record.

Large or small projects, if you need it done right, we are the ones to call. We always utilize safety and containment procedures to protect public and environmental health.

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