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Reviews and Testimonials

Our clients' reviews and testimonials speak volumes about their satisfaction with our services, reflecting the exceptional quality and professionalism we strive to deliver.

"Excellent job but most of all Great communication!
Value for work done was great as well."

- Pat Armstrong

"Prompt, honest and reliable. Did everything we agreed on. Stand up guy."

- Lee Hudson

"Very dependable company for our insurance company. Very responsive with phone calls and over delivered on everything discussed."

- Ann May

Image by Angela Baker
"This is lengthy but everyone should be made AWARE!!!! I made the mistake of going with a demolition company because they were the least expensive to tear down a couple structures on a piece of property I recently purchased. Little did I know it would cost me a lot more later. The original contractor seemed very trustworthy. After a couple of days of not hearing back from them I decided to go out to the property where I found they had completely destroyed the inside of the buildings removing all of the copper, and all other valuable materials an left. Infuriated I immediately tried to reach them only to find out the number I called was not in service any longer. They had completely vanished and I was totally lost. After contacting the usual I finally reached back out to wreckhouse demolition even though they had previously warned me about this exact situation. They came in helped me out and did an AMAZING JOB!! My only regret was wishing I had went with them first!"

- Michelle Pence

"Wreckhouse Demolition is a great company! I was very satisfied with them. Thanks to Micheal Murray and his team I received my deliveries on time. Overall everything went smooth and I was very happy with the results. I will definitely be using this company from now on."

- Rebecca Goodson

"Very pleased with my experience with Wreckhouse. They delivered exactly what they promised at a very reasonable price. I definitely recommend this company and will be using them again on future projects."

- Jeremy McFadden

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