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Service Areas

Wreckhouse Demolition services Texas and surrounding areas.

Wreckhouse Demolition services all over Texas

Wreckhouse Demolition is a family-owned business that offers more than three decades of experience in the construction industry, and we provide demolition services to businesses, homeowners, and projects across Texas, as well as in neighboring states like Oklahoma.

Demolition is an incredibly diverse part of the construction industry, and we’ve spent years cultivating knowledge about demolition and the best practices and equipment required for the job. We know it’s important to be able to place trust in your demolitionist, and that’s why we work hard to complete our projects on time and on budget.

What Locations Do You Provide Demolition Services?

Our service areas include major cities across Texas like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, as well as the small communities and suburbs that surround each of these cities. Do you have a home in Conroe you wish to rebuild? Are you a business owner in Irving and wish to renovate? We can assist with a variety of residential projects.

We also provide demolition services to communities, business owners, and residents of neighboring states including Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana. No job is too complex or demanding for us to provide demolition assistance, and we can answer any question you might have about your project from “do I need a demolitionist?” to “how can a demolitionist help me complete my project faster?”

What Demolition Services Do You Provide?

We’re experts in demolition services at commercial, residential, and other sites that require various demolition work. From concrete removal to land clearing, we can offer efficient and cost-effective demolition services whether you live in Dallas, Houston, or anywhere in or around Texas. Here are some of the demolition projects where you might need our help:

  • Commercial Demolition – You may need our commercial demolition services if you own an office building in Dallas, a business in Houston, or a commercial structure in Austin.
  • Residential Demolition – Are you building a new house in San Antonio and need to remove an old structure? Are you starting work on a renovation in Austin? We can help.
  • Concrete Removal – We offer more than 25 years of experience in the concrete business, and we’re experts at concrete and asphalt removal.
  • Land Clearing – Need to clear land for a new project? Let us help remove trees or debris from your work site before you begin formal construction.
  • Excavation – The first step in a construction project may require excavation, and we can complete excavation work on residential or commercial properties across Texas.
  • Structural Demolition – We can clear the interior of a structure and leave the “bones” of the building so that you can complete an interior renovation or update.
  • Green Demolition – We know how important it is to retain, reuse, and recycle items like pipes, bricks, and wood floors, and we can help you complete demolition of a structure – whether it’s interior demolition or complete removal of the building – while also reducing waste through green demolition practices.

Do You Need a Local Demolition Company in Texas?

We offer decades of experience in demolition, as well as excellent knowledge of modern demolition techniques and the advanced equipment required to complete projects. From grading equipment to laser-guided machinery, we can create accurate estimates for projects as varied as excavation, land clearing, and concrete removal in communities across Texas.

Do you have questions about demolition work or whether you need a demolition company for your project? Contact us today to learn more about our services and to see how our Texas demolition experience and advanced demolition equipment can help you complete your project safely and quickly.

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