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Commercial Property Demolition vs Renovation

One of the decisions you may need to make when planning a commercial construction project is whether to renovate a building or begin new construction and demolish the old structure. Factors like the age of the building, whether it’s a historical building, and the needs of the project will usually influence the decision you make on demolition versus renovation.

commercial property demolition

Here are some things to think about as you begin the process of determining which path is best for your commercial building project.

The Cost of Renovation Versus New Construction

For many commercial projects, renovating a space will cost less than completely rebuilding a property. Renovation might make the most sense if you’re considering a series of small changes that won’t impact the structure of the building or require extensive changes and retrofitting work to the interior.

However, a building that requires extensive changes in areas like the HVAC system (heating, cooling, and ventilation) or the removal or addition of rooms and walls could push the cost of the project to a level where new construction might make more sense.

Consider This: While renovation might cost less initially, it’s possible that you could end up paying less in the future with new construction and more efficient building materials and machinery.

The Benefit of Choosing Renovation

In addition to what might be a less expensive cost for the project, choosing renovation can have a variety of other benefits that might make it a more valuable choice for you over new construction. If you wish to preserve the building for historic landmark status or because of its value and benefit to the community, renovation may be the best choice.

However, it’s important to consider that a building doesn’t necessarily need to reach historic status to become a candidate for renovation. Official landmarks are often handled well by renovations, but any building with some value to the community is worth preserving.

Remember: If you must continue to use the building while renovations are underway, your renovation costs may exceed those of new construction due to the increase in the amount of time required to complete the project.

The Benefit of Choosing New Construction

Upgrading an old building can become quite an intense project, and you might find it easier to consider new construction. Potential health issues stemming from contaminants, hazardous materials, and things like asbestos can drive up the costs associated with a renovation and make new construction the safest option.

One of the benefits of choosing new construction is that you can create a building that fits your every expectation, as well as offers the most eco-friendly, efficient, and updated features. You’ll get to enjoy lower energy costs, as well as enjoy the convenience of a building designed for modern installations like Wi-Fi networks and solar panels.

Renovation May Feature Interior Demolition from Wreckhouse Demolition

You may need the services of a demolitionist even if you choose renovation over new construction. Although we can bring a building down through traditional means, we can also conduct selective demolition that will remove various parts of the building’s interior in advance of renovation work.

Do you have questions about whether renovation or new construction is the best route for your project? Would you like to know how Wreckhouse Demolition can help with your project? Contact us today for more information and to schedule an estimate for work.

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